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Song of the week 75 -Blink 182 “This is Home”

A feel good summer song:

“Let’s dance in perfect harmony”
“I hope
Do you wanna let go?
Do you wanna this time?
I hope you wanna let go
‘Cause this is home”

(No place like home, right?)

I guess things come and go in seasons.
Such is the life of Blink 182.
If you were a teen or young adult between 1999 – 2005
Then this band would have played a massive part in your life!

Neighbourhoods came out in 2011.  It wasn’t the same.  The band had broken up.  They tried doing another album one more time with feeling.  In some ways it worked.  In some ways not.  But noticeable songs from this album are: Up all night, hearts all gone, love is dangerous and the song featured in this blog 🙂



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