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To all the people I have met…

I got a voice note from a friend: Dexter from Hillcrest this morning.
He just mentioned how he missed me and appreciated the input in his life. It got me thinking:

One of the best things from all my time working in various churches is the amount of people I have met along the way.
The worldwide community and family I have made.
I’m still ever so thankful.

From shared adventures, significant conversations, to allowing me to share my faith or be a mentor to you.
To moments of laughter.

Life is beautiful!  And I’m so thankful to everyone I have met in these 35 years.

Ladysmith, Toti, East London, UK-London, Hailsham, St Albans, Bicester -> France: Tignes
Durban North

(Each place I’ve met significant people.)

My brother told me the other day- I’m good at staying in touch with everyone.

Truth is, I do try.
But also sometimes not enough.

Over the years some friendships carry on so naturally.
Others require work.
And others fade out.

The the ones that have faded out.
Thanks for that season of friendship and connection.

To those I’m still in touch with.
Respect and love!

I’m thankful that this massive world is made a little smaller with whatsapp, skype, email and facebook.

My head is full of memories.
Each of you connected to one of them.

So kudos to you for putting up with my oddity.
For letting me share a little pearl or two of wisdom with you.

Love you all.
Live well live inspired!



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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