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Sasol Swap Shop (Recycling Awareness)

On Saturday (30 January 2016) morning I had the incredible privilege of volunteering at the Sasol Swap Shop, just outside Secunda in Embalenhle.
In my four hours of helping I was moved by so many things there:

The dedication of these kids (and their Umama or Ugogo) (Mother / Granny) getting to the Sasol Club early, waiting in the scorching heat to exchange their recycling for the “monetary credit value” to spend in the Sasol Swap Shop.

I’m also impressed with the heart (purpose) of this project. The awareness it creates in those young lives to care for the environment. To live a life of recycling. (And they benefit from it, realizing that recycling pays too. Who knew?)

I captured some of the morning with these images:

IMG_4510 (Medium)IMG_4509 (Medium)

The line was probably a good 50 metres long. (Bearing in mind, each person who brings recycling stuff needs to have their stuff weighed.) So the process does take some time…

When the people get to the front their recycling (plastic, tins and glass) are weighed:

IMG_4515 (Medium).JPG

That weight value is converted to a “monetary credit” value. Each child gets one of these cards with a membership number. (Their info and credit value is stored on the well-designed system):

IMG_4526 (Medium).JPG

These folks who bring their recyclables:

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I imagine them collecting all of this.
They walk around their neighbourhood collecting the litter that is carelessly dispersed by the ignorance of others.

Or they may go to the nearby shebeen  and collect the bottles from them locals have phuza’d (drunk) too much.

I pray and hope that when these youngsters see how tidy and beautiful their homes look with all this recycling happening that they will grow up with a sustainable living ethic embedded in their bones and soul.

So this is what these children (and parents) can buy from the shop:

The shop is well stocked:
Soccer balls (footballs)
Water bottles
Tinned food (Beans / pilchards / rice / tea / peanut butter)
Vaseline / soap / toothpaste
Shampoo / washing soap
Stationery for school
Even bicycles (for those who save up a lot of credit)

Isn’t this such a brilliant idea?!

I’m so thrilled to be part of such a great project just outside Secunda. Kudos to the junior engineers of Sasol (who have already been doing this project for 4 years) – I glad I came across it relatively early in my stay here in Secunda.

Now, I am glad to have motivated and encouraged our church St Peters United to go green and start recycling too.


Our recycling goes to Sizithande Recycling Centre who are linked closely to this Sasol Swop Shop.

– Once our recycling is weighed… that “monetary equivalent value” – will be used to bless one of the local schools in Embalenhle – buying stationery for the learners / scholars.

Here are some more shots from the day – piles of recycling, the team from Sizithande, and others:

Thanks for reading! And remember – whether you are a believer or not – we live in a beautiful world… don’t abuse it! Care for it. Think green.
Coldplay said it best “We live in a beautiful world, yeah we do…”


I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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