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My rant about football…what do you think?

This rant (post) has been a long time coming. Since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson – and then the arrival of David Moyes – and the crumbling of the Premiere League giants: Manchester United… about two or three seasons back (If I remember correctly)…

Football fascinates me.
Football frustrates me.

I am a unashamed CHELSEA fan.  Yes, we have been struggling at the start of this season big time.  And it’s awesome to be part of their recent rise as their game play is getting far better, in recent times.  (But that’s not my focus now -in this post)

Sometimes football seems to be more about the managers than the players.  There is so much pressure on the managers to get their team to perform well and win.  And then when the team loses a few games, the manager gets sacked.  But seriously, what about the responsibility of the players?

There are 11 “adults” who are on the field too.  Surely their desire is to play well.  To go for the win!  Those players, they represent their Clubs and the fans.  Go and do them proud.  There is only so much a manager can do… ?

If I were a player:  I would be talking with my team mates.  “Guys, how do we play that we can win these games.  We have the skills.  The manager does not get us the result.  We do. So let’s play with more conviction.”  (Well,  something like that.)

My understanding of the role of a manager:

To motivate and encourage the players.
To know how to put these 11 different personalities together.
To work out which players link best together.
The players (being human) have personal issues (every now and then). Good managers know how to deal with these.
To know strengths of each player. And know when to sub a certain player during the game to go on and make an impact or stop the rhythm of the opponents.

(This is just a brief list of a few things they do)

BUT surely the ultimate responsibility of WINNING the actual game RESTS on the players themselves???

Yes, I agree if a manager treats his team (players) badly. Speaks ill of them and to them. If he brings negativity into the team – then I know that will definitely effect the team. Like the whole Mourinho saga.

(I believe he became too obsessed with winning. Blaming refs, opponents, linesmen, non-penalty calls, penalty calls.) – Imagine if he said this to said to his players instead: “Shucks, guys, we lost. We played well. They played well. They just were the better team on the team. Well chin up. Heads up. Let’s do better in the next game.”

However you say it. Just admit the loss. And move on…


Moving on in this rant:

It saddens me how so often footballers seem to be more about the money than the game.
See how players are lured from smaller clubs to bigger ones.
And then, they’re benched? They don’t even play as often as they previously did. (Talk of, a bad career move!)

There aren’t many players who are genuinely loyal to their team, but rather loyal to their career. (Yes, I understand their careers are short. They need to get as much as they can in those few years.)
But seriously – with what the BIG amount they earn, is that really a concern?

The remaining players that seem to be branded (and loyal) to their clubs are Terry (Chelsea) and Rooney (Manchester United). Well, those are all I can think of at the moment. And recently, also Lampard and Gerrard.

Hmm, so the loyalty (well, lack of) of players bug me, too.

A lot of football shows / media news seem to focus way too much on the managers. Like they’re the ones winning the games / scoring the goals!

So was David Moyes really to blame?  And now Louis Van Gaal getting flack.

(I realise, I may sound very ignorant in this post.  Forgive me.  I’m just venting.  I remain with this belief.  Players and managers are both responsible.  I would hate as a player to have the reputation of being in the losing side.  So I will always try bring my A-game.  I would expect the manager to bring us as a team together well.  And to care a little bit about us too.  And then to remind us:  PLAYING FOOTBALL IS FUN!)

Enjoy the game!

Actually it’s the 14 players (included 3 subs) that win (or lose) for the club.
As a player, you wake up and say to yourself that you’re going to do your best for your team. (Well, I hope that is still the motivation!)

For the love of the game.
The joy of good team play.
The ecstasy of fans cheering you on.
The thrill of being alive.

Okay, rant over. (I think I feel better now.)


I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

One thought on “My rant about football…what do you think?

  1. I agree Darrel! Professional football is very much about the individual and not the team. But that’s where a good a manger shines. He makes talented, selfish players OWN their team and play with pride. Sir Alex was a prime example. Kevin Keegan could do it. Yurgen Klopp seems to have that edge. Pep Guardiola as well. It’s a fine balance. I think the problem is… There is already so much talent in leagues like the EPL, that the focus inevitably becomes for the manager to “manage” that talent, and get them to play as a passionate team, and not individuals. Hence the focus has become on managers in recent years and less on the players. Good argument!

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