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Be in ‘relationship’ with your (new year’s) resolutions:

Most people, if we’re honest, by the time we get two weeks into the New Year, we are already “failing” with our new year’s resolutions.  And that upsets us?  We may even think: “Oh my goodness, I’m so pathetic, I can’t even keep my resolution / goal for at least a month.”

But perhaps we could face our resolutions in a different way?
Instead of GOING COLD TURKEY with them…

We should be in “relationship with our resolutions.”
You may wonder what I mean:

For example, someone says they want to stop eating chocolate in the new year.  So they go massively COLD TURKEY and then a few weeks in, they give into the craving… and CRASH and in their eyes (or the eyes of others) – they “FAIL” … But would it be such a fail if this same person use to each chocolate every single day – and now they have just had one “cheat day” – and had some chocolate?

Truth is, they are still sticking to their resolution. They HAVE reduced their chocolate intake.

Does this make sense?

Another example: Someone could take up running as a resolution. They want to run X number of kilometres (miles) per week. One week, they don’t meet the quota. But the next week, they’re still out running, and the week after that, etc. Did that person, really FAIL? Nope!

Because they are in “relationship with their resolution.” They’re still running. But they’re not being so hard on themselves if they don’t meet the quota every week.

So, what do you think?

Be kind to yourself as you take on your challenges! 🙂



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