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There is two instances in Luke 2, where Mary ponders.  She treasures the happenings around her.  I like that a lot.  I think we all need to do that.  So this is me sharing a bit of 2015 with you.  (You may, want to do something similar in your own way.)

It’s a healthy practice to take stock of our lives:


2015, has been an eventful year.  Catherine and I got engaged, I started in a new job/church and moved to a new town and my beautiful Catherine and I got married. 🙂

Other random (non-ordered) goals I had were:

To read at least 12 books.  (One a month.)  I documented the  books I read on Goodreads.

An author I discovered probably two years back, that I am still enjoying this year (with her new written offerings) is Rachel Joyce.  I love how she puts her words together and paints such incredible imagery with them.

I’ve done 10 Park Runs . Nine in Secunda.  One in Toti.

I passed all 4 of the exams I did for the start of Management studies degree through UNISA.

I’m enjoying the adventure of married life.  Love getting to know my beautiful wife more and more.  And learning to find “our rhythm” as us. 🙂

There are many other brilliant moments of this year.  Holding my awesome nephew and niece.  Good family times.

Standing and singing and saying our vows in the cool of the shade outside on our wedding day with Catherine.

So yep, 2015 has been eventful.  Been awesome.  There have been tough times too.  But in all of my life… I still love and hold onto my Saviour.  This verse captures it well.


I end off the year, quietly building a puzzle.  There is something so therapeutic about that.  And I dig the concept of “building” and/ or creating.


I bring that theme into and look forward to the new year with my beautiful Catherine.  With my family. With my faith in God.

See you soon 2016…

(Will be back in the new year)






I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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