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“Smoke Signals”

The North American indigenous people use to communicate using smoke signals.  It is one of the oldest forms of long-distance communication.

When we travel back to Secunda.  From whatever direction you come back into the town, whether, North, South, East or West – one will always observe the “smoke signals” from Sasol.

(Weirdly, it can be a comforting sight.  Even though it is pollution.)
Those “signals” tell the drivers; they’re almost home.

And perhaps those “signals” are what each one of us need, every now and then…

The magi and shepherds followed a star to a stable.  That was their “signal”

The prodigal son saw his father’s open arms.  That was his “signal”

And as this CHRIST-mas day draws to an end…

Perhaps… we could look inwardly.  Is there an emptiness inside of you longing to be filled?

Perhaps that tugging on your heart… that is a “signal?”






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