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215: Mister, God (part II)

I’ve been intrigued by this book.  It’s like Mister God, himself, wanted me to read this at this time:

“Why was it that grown-ups insisted on talking about where heaven was?  The whole question of where heaven was was neither here nor there, it was immaterial, it was nonsense.  And why, oh why, were angels and cherubs and things like that, and goodness me, even God himself, represented as human people? Oh no, the question of where heaven was one of those non-questions, it had nowhere to land, and therefore was no question fit to be asked.

As Anna saw it, the question of heaven was not concerned with ‘where’ but it was concerned with the perfection of senses.  Language was hard put to it when trying to describe or explain the concept of heaven, but language depended upon the senses of and it therefore followed that the grasp of heaven was also dependent on the senses.”



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