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In 1945… I can’t forget this…

I’ve read many many devotionals from Our Daily Bread

But this story from one of them has stayed with me for the longest time:

In 1945, professional golfer Byron Nelson had an unimaginable season. Of the 30 tournaments he entered, he won an amazing 18 times—including 11 in a row. Had he chosen to, he could have continued his career and perhaps become the greatest of all time. But that was not his goal. His goal was to earn enough money playing golf to buy a ranch and spend his life doing what he really loved. So, instead of continuing on at the peak of his career, Nelson retired at age 34 to become a rancher. He had different goals.

Taken from this devotional 17 Sept 2010

Over 5 years ago and I can’t seem to let go this example.

Why is that the case?  There is just something so awesome about this guy’s life.   Something that goes against the grain… I love it.  A round peg that cannot fit in a square hole (thanks Steve Jobs for a great quote)…

Byron Nelson could have been a professional golfer… but that was not his goal!

What is your true goal?



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2 thoughts on “In 1945… I can’t forget this…

  1. Some testimonies are timeless. May we all seek God’s direction and then ask Him to embolden
    us to fulfill His destiny in our lives.

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