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21 Quotes you will like:

Which one is your favourite?

1) “The world does not need more Christian writers — it needs more good writers and composers who are Christians.” — C. S. Lewis

2) Nice guys may appear to finish last, but usually they are running in a different race. – Ken Blanchard

3) “No vital Christianity is possible unless at least three aspects of it are developed. These are the inner life of devotion, the outer life of service, and the intellectual life of rationality.” — Elton Trueblood

4) You find no difficulty in trusting the Lord with the management of the universe and all the outward creation, and can your case be any more complex or difficult than these, that you need to be anxious or troubled about His management of it? – Hannah Whitall Smith

5) There are ten strong things.
Iron is strong, but fire melts it.
Fire is strong, but water quenches it.
Water is strong, but the clouds evaporate it.
Clouds are strong, but wind drives them away.
Man is strong, but fears cast him down.
Fear is strong, but sleep overcomes it.
Sleep is strong, yet death is stronger.
But loving kindness survives death.

The Talmud

6) “You are not Atlas carrying the world on your shoulder. It is good to remember that the planet is carrying you.”

7) “I learned that life is not just a destination but a journey. While the expedition can be long and arduous, it can be full of beauty and pleasure as well.” — Wayne Holmes

8) “There are no wrong turnings. Only paths we had not known we were meant to walk.” From Goodreads

9) “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” Anne Lamott

10) “Be faithful in the little practices of love which will build in you the life of holiness and make you Christlike.” — Mother Teresa

11) “I believe in the sun even if it isn’t shining. I believe in love even when I am alone. I believe in God even when He is silent.”

12) “Either we are adrift in chaos or we are individuals, created, loved, upheld and placed purposefully, exactly where we are. Can you believe that? Can you trust God for that?” Elisabeth Elliot

13) “Some people, in order to discover God, read books. But there is a great book: the very appearance of created things. Look above you! Look below you! Read it.” Augustine

14) “A childhood without books – that would be no childhood. That would be like being shut out from the enchanted place where you can go and find the rarest kind of joy.”

15) “Our new cultural postmodern credo for avoiding sin is, “Hurt no one and do what you please.” … I much prefer Augustine’s credo for avoiding sin: “Love God and do what you please.”” — Calvin Miller

16) “We write in response to what we read and learn; and in the end we write out of our deepest selves.” Andrea Barrett

17) “Make the most of the present moment. No occasion is unworthy of our best efforts. God often uses the humble occasions and little things to shape the course of a man’s life.” — James Garfield

18) “I would like to be the air that inhabits you for a moment only. I would like to be that unnoticed and that necessary.” Margaret Atwood

19) “For the Christian, nothing less than the presence of the Spirit is enough to explain the marvelous changes worked in human lives. Call it grace; call it providence; call it the result of Bible study … just so we understand that in and behind any or all the instruments is the presence and work of the Spirit who seeks and finds and transforms.” — Jim McGuiggan (I get this. Live for this!)

20) “Does God indeed need to rest? Of course not! But did God choose to rest? Yes. Why? Because God subjected creation to a rhythm of rest and work that He revealed by observing the rhythm Himself, as a precedent for everyone else. In this way, He showed us a key to order in our private worlds.” — Gordon McDonald

21) “”The Word became flesh,” John said … He was touchable, approachable, reachable. And, what’s more, he was ordinary. If he were here today you probably wouldn’t notice him as he walked through a shopping mall. He wouldn’t turn heads by the clothes he wore or the jewelry he flashed. “Just call me Jesus,” you can almost hear him say.” — Max Lucado

My top 3 from this list are: 2, 9 & 11.

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This next video DOES have swearing.  But can you put up with it for the brilliant message through it?  I would love to show something like this in church (although, sadly it would not be allowed.)  But I think God could wake up a few people with a clip like this:

From God’s perspective:




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