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The 15 Best Album Covers (and songs you need to…)

Listen to…
Sometimes, you can’t “judge a book (or album) by it’s cover” but I really do appreciate when a band puts a lot of effort into their album cover. Here are my 15 favourite (In No particular order). I’ve also added a song from each album that you should listen to:

1) POD – The Awakening

download (1)

-You can sense the “storm” the man in the picture is going through.
– First Music Video of the album.

2) POD – The Fundamental Elements of Southtown

download (2)

-Probably my favourite album cover of all time. There is just so much going on in this picture. Hope, love, freedom, redemption, struggle, faith. What do you get of this cover?
– Remember where you come from? remember your roots. SOUTHTOWN

3) Underoath – Define the Great Line


-This man has an internal war going on. This cover depicts that well.
– My favourite Underoath SONG – You’re ever so inviting

4) The Used – In love and death

download (4)

-Love is a beautiful thing. Love is tough.
All that I’ve got

5) Incubus – Light Grenades

download (5)

-Very arty this cover. Interesting concept here.
– An interesting type love song. “we all have someone who digs at us”

6) Dave Matthews Band – Big Whiskey & the GrooGrux King


-In honour of the late Leroi Moore. The picture celebrates his life. And seems to ask questions of life and death.
– Their LIVE SHOWS are one of the best in the world.

7) Damien Rice – My Favourite Faded Fantasy


-I don’t know. I like the “drawn” feeling of this cover.
– His voice will CHANGE YOU

8) Anberlin – Never take friendship personal


-Just keep looking at the head. It’ll come to you…
– One of the bands first music videos

9) Biffy Clyro – Opposites

download (3)

-This artwork goes with the ‘opposite’ lyrics this album presents…
– First SINGLE off the album.

10) Chevelle – This type of thinking


-Kinda weird. But kinda cool.
– He looks like Johnny Knoxville I reckon…

11) Emery – I’m only a man


-The whole album looks at man and sin and is against judging others. So the mirror of the cover is so fitting.
– The one of the more straight out rockier songs off the album.

12) Jon Foreman – Spring EP


-I like that this album cover was hand drawn. And there is hope in it.
Your love is strong “Heavenly Father, you always amaze me”

13) Jamie Cullum – The Pursuit


-Wow! A piano blown into pieces, always looks cool.
– Please don’t stop the music

14) Paramore – All we know is falling

download (7)

-A random red couch out in the open. Respect!
– This SONG probably drew the world’s attention to Paramore.

15) Muse – The Resistance

download (6)

-Psychedelic! Busy!
– This band keep releasing brilliant albums and songs. Some call it an Uprising

Now, what album cover would you add to this list?



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