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(The gospel according to) FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND (R.I.P)

So if you have me on Facebook… you will have noticed I have been sharing statuses that start with “The Gospel according to…”

Now this post is my shout out to Funeral for a Friend (FFAF) who have shared this sad news HERE

The band are breaking up… 😦

This band has rocked with me for the last few years. So I thought I’d share some lyrics and some other memories and thoughts too…
The gospel according to:

“Soul sailor with your flag held high, where does the crow fly,
Soul sailor with your flag held high, will you follow it home
Climb out…climb out…over me
Into the great wide open”

“Horizon shows the signs,
the eye is getting closer,
birds don’t fear the sky,
the clouds are looming over,
the vessel breaks the back it takes,
another wave that we must face.
Raise the sail,
as we all,
feel powerless.”

“Find in me the hope
That you have never known
Find in us the faith
The faith to bring you home
I stared into oblivion
And found my own
I stared into oblivion
And found my own
I stared into oblivion
And found my own reflection there (reflection there)
Home, now that I’m coming home
Will you be the same as when I saw you last?”

Actually this last set of lyrics is my favourite song from FFAF. It’s kinda like my anthem ‘travelling’ song. The lyrics seem to always transport me.

I remember walking the streets of St Albans, UK pondering on this song.
Back in 2007, my brother and I got to watch our first band in London, during a visit to my dad. The band being: Funeral for a Friend.

Check out my favourite song here:

I also remember my first visit to my (now wife) Catherine; we were driving between Johannesburg and Secunda and we came across these signs:


I’ve seen speed warning signs.
Beware of the cows.
Or even beware of the antelope…

But owls? Really?

I then instinctively thought of the song Owls (are watching) by FFAF.

You can hear it HERE

“Owls in the night skies watching us pass by,
Like ships in the night, covered in silver light.
Are they waiting to take it away from me?”

So… thank you to Funeral for a Friend for moving me loads of your songs.
Rock on!



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