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Dear uninvited guests


You see, I have this dilemma. But in fact this “dilemma” has been born from a well lived life and comes from being really blessed. In my mere 35 years of living I have had incredible opportunities and have met so many people.

I have either lived in your town, your city, your province, your country or been part of your church.

You and I have either chatted or partied over a few beers. Or we’ve had a DMC (deep meaningful conversation) over a cup of coffee or two.
We’ve either worked together. Snowboarded down slopes. Prayer together. Laughed together. Seen other countries together. We may have seen a band together. Or we’ve played together. Some of you are family.

Some of you, I have journeyed with for a very short time. And others, for most of my life. We may have exchanged only a few words. Or we may have filled libraries of conversations.

Some of us, we’re still in touch quite regularly. Other’s we drop in on each other’s lives every now and then.

Whoever you may be, If I had to hear (or see) your name, I could link a memory or moment with you. And for that, I say a massive THANK YOU.

Now our special day, has arrived. I get to marry my beautiful Catherine.
She has stolen my heart. She sees the man ‘behind’ the Hof and the ‘position’.
She sees me for me. 
Over the last few months our love has grown and grown.
And now we get to celebrate with an intimate and quaint ceremony.
To all of you in the UK, I could rack up a guest list in a few minutes that could fill an entire private jet. (Hmm, actually how many seats do those have?)
So, when the time comes, we’ll celebrate that side. Would love that! (So watch this space)

So we ask, wherever you may be as you read this. Celebrate with us, around your dinner table. (Perhaps, say a little prayer for us.)

And in the future, when we pass through or visit your town/city/country feel free to invite us over to celebrate our lives together with you.
That’d be cool!

There is still so many people I’d love Catherine to meet. So, hopefully, that will happen. 

From the extrovertly introvert 



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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