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The 67 minute ‘guilt trap’…

So on the 18th of July is Nelson Mandela day:


And sadly the “perfect” Christians come out swinging with statements like:
“We should serve others every day, not just on Mandela Day.”

Why do that?
Why do they throw out statements like that?

The hype around doing 67 minutes… is a great thing!

Because truth is, for the rest of the year “life gets in the way” for some and they simply just don’t do things for others. So if for ONE day… they do 67 minutes… awesome!

Who knows, maybe the hype and helping will be contagious… and they may begin serving on the 19th, 20th.. and so on…

Are you with me?
Stop the guilt trip!

Sometimes people like to be part of something BIGGER “67 minutes on Mandela Day”

We must celebrate that!
And just think. For 67 minutes x (multiply) a whole lot of people doing something… that’s a big impact.

And perhaps as one throws a rock in a pond, the ripples created, go out far…

so maybe Mandela day… has the same effect!



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