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A little shove…

Perhaps one of the roles of a pastor is to give someone a little a shove:

In a little clothing store, tucked away from the public eye; she sat watching Series on her laptop, as the hours dragged by. She was bored. But she was unsure when a bigger job offer came along. I encouraged her to spread her wings and take the opportunity. That next job opened up so much more to her. She then headed to the fashion capital of Cape Town; where she is doing so well. Stoked!

He and I would sit at the Keg and sip on beers and I would hear how he hated his work here. He told me how he missed Canada and would love to go back. I encouraged to go. And so earlier this year, him and his girlfriend went. They’re having a real cool time. So glad.

It’s so great to see (even if it’s via Facebook) how the people I have been blessed to know and serve and help and be friends with; how they are doing very well! They have found their niche. They have taken a leap of faith! So proud of them.

And perhaps God used me and a some others… to help them on that journey.
If that is my role in some people’s lives, then I am super honoured! 🙂



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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