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Sacred Spaces 467– Slow down with the urgency…

22 June 2015 – 

Recently, I had this thought about our view on time and urgency.
Perhaps we’ve got it a little wrong in youth ministry (and the rest of the church too) where we push this massive URGENCY of the need to CHANGE THE WORLD!

We tell teens and young adults to HURRY.
Jesus is coming back.
We tell them their MAIN PURPOSE is to tell others about God, now, now, now…!!!
We tell them to live out their calling!
We tell them to make their teen years count!
Change the world NOW!

I get it.  And I don’t get it?!

The problem comes when people (teens and adults) don’t see any “results”.
What if they are not “converting” others?
What if they cannot find their “calling” in the world?
They may begin to feel like failures.
They may begin to feel ineffective.

Sadly, the urgency brings along guilt too…

A few questions, I want to ask:

  1. The 70 – 90 year olds in our churches – Are they not effective? Did they fail in their youth?
  2. What are we to do with all of the years of our lives? You said Jesus is coming back soon, but ‘I’ve been around for 80 years’ … I’m still waiting (You see where I am going with that?)
  3. How much time must I spend on “saving people for Jesus” ?? Am I allowed to read books, go watch movies, enjoy a day on the beach or visit a nature reserve for a few days?


– God calls us to be fully human.
– Maybe, we are meant to savour each day.
– Savour moments with our friends and loved ones.
– Maybe we’re meant to enjoy life.

Hear me out, I’m not talking about living in ignorance or selfishly.

We ARE called to care for others.
We ARE called to love others.
We ARE called to change the broken things of the world!


As it takes many years to prepare an orchard for harvest
As it takes months for a good wine to mature.
As it takes years to write a book.
As it takes a childhood to raise a child

Perhaps, we need to let go the URGENCY “guilt trip” message we give out.
Life takes time.
Jesus is coming back.

But as God exists “out of time”
Perhaps we can’t measure His return and our mission here by the “time” that we use…

images (Medium)

I hope my rambling makes sense?


“With the Lord a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day.” 2 Peter 3: 8



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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