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Tree 63 – A million lights (Live gig in Alberton, South Africa)

Last night, I had the rad opportunity of seeing Tree 63 back in action.
After a 7 year hiatus, they were back touring on their new album: Land.

I confess, at first, I arrived a little bit skeptical.

But with a good set list like this:


How could one not be moved. I really enjoyed the songs from their last album: Sunday.

There were times when nostalgia came and stood among us… like when they played their old crowd favourite and anthem: A Million Lights

The new songs off Land, sound very cool and promising. I’m very keen on seeing how Tree 63 rise up again in their particular music industry.

There was an intriguing moment of worship when John led us in “Look what You’ve done for me” and then straight into a grungy and edgy version of Amazing Grace.

I got some pics from where I stood. Not the best shots but here they are:

IMG_3461 (Medium)

IMG_3464 (Medium)

IMG_3465 (Medium)

IMG_3473 (Medium)

IMG_3474 (Medium)

IMG_3476 (Medium)

For some incredible pictures go check out this guy’s work: Dean Cothill
Seriously follow this guy on Instagram. He is a talented photographer who looks like a “Norwegian god” haha!

I want to end this little review off with some lyrics off Tree63’s latest album:

“Even in the storm, the thunder and the lightning, I never was alone, Land, solid dry ground” title track: LAND



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