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Black and white

For the sake of this observation I need to mention colour.  So I was in the bank today sorting out some stuff and while I was waiting I saw this little white boy spinning in circles on the floor.  He clearly was very bored.  Then across the way, a little black boy noticed this and managed to get his attention.

Then a little “tango” of showing off began.  The white boy continued his circles.  The little black boy then ran up to him with his thumbs up.  They gave each a “high one” with their thumbs colliding.  You see the white boy (who was also a little older) was an Afrikaans boy and this young black boy (was more than likely isiZulu) and thus you could expect a bit of a dilemma.  Lost in translation.

But that didn’t stop them having fun.  They began to chase one another around the bank, giggling the whole time.  A momentary friendship was born.  Joy for a little while.  And no words exchanged.


Black and white.

The rainbow nation…



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One thought on “Black and white

  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful moment. If only adults could unself-consciously spin and high-one together rather than taking refuge behind fear and the familiar.

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