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(Life between brackets)

On Palm Sunday I slept over in Hillcrest with my friends, Lauren and Shoba – for what I thought would be the last time in a long while.

But exactly a week later (on Easter Sunday), Catherine and I both stayed over in Hillcrest with them, again.

Because on Monday (yesterday) in Howick we celebrated my Oma’s well lived life. 😦

In a week we’ve covered a lot of ground physically and emotionally.

In seven days we’ve tracked over 3600 km. Doing the to and from Cape Town trip in one day twice this week. (15 hr and an 18 hr trip)

I’ve seen the scenery around me change so many times…
From the beautiful rolling hills of the free state and the vast expanse of the Karoo to the breath taking passes and mountains of Cape Town.

Last week Monday as I headed up to Secunda (oh, add anotgert 600km to the mileage) I stopped in Ladysmith catching up with my friend,  Daryl…
I heard of my Oma’s passing; as she fell asleep for the last time.

I wasn’t too emotional at the time. Because my heart and mind haven’t registered what’s going on yet…

Here now on Tuesday 7th April after this crazy week,  I sit in my new town. Have I even registered that yet?

In the movie Paddington the explorer says it like this:

“My body has travelled very fast (and far) but my heart takes a little while to arrive.”

That’s how I feel!
A lot is going on.

I live only 3km away from my fiancé
On Easter Saturday I married two good friends.
Even using the “gospel according to Dave Grohl” (intrigued?)
Then on Monday I read a letter to my Oma at her memorial service.

On Thursday I heard about students being gunned down in Kenya.
Catherine got to meet my UK friends and my cousin, Katie.

What a whole lot of various happenings.

And weirdly and refreshingly Easter was such a non event for me being in between two churches and two towns.

I liked it. For all my years,  Easter has been something on the church calendar and often takes the form of “work” for me.
So this year it was very different.
The whole of Easter we were sitting in a car… crossing 5 provinces.

The highlight of the week was my dad meeting Catherine.  ♡

His first words to her: You’re so lovely!

So true. 🙂

It’s been a looong and eventful week.

Now I start a new chapter.


Thanks for reading “my journal”

Have a good week ahead!



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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