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2 – 4

I like to take stock of my life.  I like to count my blessings.
I am on my way out of Hillcrest in just two weeks.
I have had such a rad time here and have been so blessed to be close to my family.
God has given me a great family.

I will miss my brother. He is one of my best friends too. He challenges me at the right time. He is supportive.
And well, now, he knows how to play FIFA!
(And he even geocaches, too!)

Last night, we had one more “Fifa marathon” before I leave for Secunda.
Simply, we kicked ass!

But we had a BIG incentive.
At the end of the night we had a CRUCIAL match to win:


Two arch rivals, playing at Old Trafford.

If Chelsea (my bro and my team) lost; we were going to have to put on our Facebook statuses:


We didn’t want that to happen. So we played our hearts out.

90 mins – score was 2-2
Into extra time we fought hard: 2 – 4

Go Blues!
Thanks bro, for a cool evening!

(Sorry, if you were tired at work, today 😉



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