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Youth Ministry is not…

Youth Ministry is not…
28 January 2015

… Baby-sitting teens and playing games on a Friday night. If it were, I would have quit this job a long time ago!!!

(Recently, I got engaged, and someone in my church then said to me: ‘Now, you need to get a real job.’ I know, he said it in jest. But as the saying goes, many a true word is spoken in jest.)

His comment bugged me!
Because he is probably in a list of many who think less or are unsure of what youth ministry is.

As youth workers, our audience may mainly involve teens. But does that make it a non-grown up job?
How come teachers don’t get that flak from others?
They have critical jobs with children and teens. Their words have the power to build or break down. They are critical in that young person’s educational development.
(To this, very day, I can remember some important teachers in my school career.)

Come to think of it, I think of my very own youth pastor, Lee; with great fondness too.
His role in my life. His encouraging presence. His belief in me. Changed my life a whole lot.

Youth ministry is far more than just playing silly games.

We’re the ones who hear the life stories and struggles of teens.
We sit with the youngster who wants to take their life.
We journey alongside youth who have it rough at home.
We speak words of love and encouragement to the youth.
We plan lessons and bible studies, for one reason: to introduce to them a very real and living God.

A God,
Who loves them just as they are!
Who made this beautiful world that we find ourselves in!
Who is using ordinary people like you and I to alleviate the brokenness in the world.

In youth ministry, we teach teens:

That life is far more than just about themselves.
That they need to live for justice.
That they need to be gracious to all.
That they are human beings not human doings.

We as youth pastors:

– Are representatives for Jesus
– Spokespersons on behalf of God (what a humbling call.)
– An older sibling
– A counsellor

Youth ministry can’t be boxed into a 9-5 job…
It can’t really be boxed at all…

So this is an ode to youth pastors and youth workers alike!

Keep doing what you do.
The youth need you.
And God is thankful for the effort you put in.



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2 thoughts on “Youth Ministry is not…

  1. As a youth pastor from a bit way back, I am with you in the puzzle about ‘a real job’! God moved me out at 29, tho at the time I saw myself giving in to the pressure of ‘getting responsible’ for my wife and 2 children. At 39 I went into Christian Camping, also seen by some as a permanent holiday!?, where I found that my heart was still for youth. Years later the Lord showed me that I have been involved all my Christian life in youth work. The 10 years in ‘a real job’, was prep for my working future in Christian Camping, but my youth group was my 2 children. A humbling privilege!
    Go Darrel and all you others who have an ear to listen and a heart to obey.
    And us oldies, support them, encourage them, mentor them, be there for them.
    For Christians, the real world is actually allowing The Lord to build His Kingdom in and through yielded hearts and sharing the GOOD NEWS of JESUS.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the warm encouragement. I keep pressing on. Because God is not done with me in this ministry. Do u have an email, I’d love to know more about this Christian camping?

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