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By a Duck Pond (community)

By a Duck Pond (community)
27 January 2015

Catherine and I had a wonderful time, celebrating our engagement on Sunday afternoon with her and my friends.
We invited them to a ‘bring and braai’ at the local Duck Pond (in Secunda). We were humbled and thankful for the great turnout.

This was a meeting of new and old friends. Two languages: Afrikaans and English.
Chatting and bantering over the coals, sitting on picnic blankets. Catching up and sharing stories. I loved the community of it.

Then in true form (I’m a little addicted to playing soccer) I roped in Catherine’s guy friends and some strangers (sitting on a nearby bench) and some little kids to play some soccer (football).

What a good time!
Old and new friends, strangers, all playing the beautiful game of football.
It was hilarious to see those of a rugby persuasion attempting to play; but I’m glad they played.

And I even overheard one of them say in Afrikaans afterwards “Soccer, is quite fun to play.” (Translated)

A good afternoon was had!




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