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“After Herod died”

I was reading through Matthew 2 and I came across this phrase:
“After Herod died”

Now, in context, this verse is where an angel tell Joseph to move his family to Egypt; because King Herod wants to kill Jesus. (All boys two years and under.)

You see, Herod felt threatened that a messiah, a new King was born. So he resorted to senseless murder…

Anyway, that’s not my focus for this post. What struck me, was those three words:

After Herod died, an angel appeared to Joseph again and said “You can move back to Nazareth now.”

THE QUESTION IS: How long did it take for Herod to die?
Was it 2 years?
Was it 8 years?
Was it 15 years?
Was it another 23 years?

Truth is, we don’t know…
BUT… what is the application here?

Life takes time. (A seemingly obvious statement.)

What did Joseph and Mary do in Egypt?
They surely didn’t just WAIT.
They lived.

They went to the market (shopping)
They went for walks
They loved each other
They raised Jesus
They taught him life lessons and manners
They made friends
They noticed sunrises and sunsets
They had good meals

They carried on.

Perhaps, in entering 2015, you’re not sure what resolutions you should take on. (Because you always seem to fail at them.)
Maybe, put them in perspective. Life takes time. Taking on resolutions is no quick fix. It may take a few months, even the whole year.
or maybe you need to keep on keeping on.

Live your life.
You may feel you’re in an “Egypt” now.
But you will get back to “Nazareth” in time.


So welcome to 2015…



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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