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(CHP 12) – Day 12 – Come, he told me, pa ruppa pum-pum:

Day 12 – Come, he told me, pa ruppa pum-pum:

day 12

“Good morning and Merry Christmas” they both said with warm smiles as they handed me the pew notice for that service.

I had learned that names of the couple who had greeted me at the door:  Chris and Sara.
I’ve worked in the church for over 10 years now.  I still hold onto the small unmentioned ministries that do a whole lot God’s kingdom.  One of them being the “welcoming team” at the door.

You don’t want those volunteers to be overly keen.  That could put visitors off big time.
And on the flip side you don’t want to be a miserable lot either…

So they need greet people with a good balance of a warm nature and sincerity.

I decided to take a drive north for about 20 miles in my Renault Scenic, and see what little village I would end up in.
England has many quaint villages scattered all over its beautiful countryside.

The name of the village is unnecessary to know.  All I wanted was to meet with my Saviour in a special and quiet way in a small church away from the masses.

There were probably about 28 of us in that service.  I observed that Chris and Sara sat two pews behind me.  The minister in front greeted us jovially and said that he would start the service off with a prayer and piece that has been passed through the ages.  The author is UNKNOWN although some accredited to an early follower of Jesus named Josiah:

“I discovered that we can use these four terms penned by Isaiah to address God in our daily communion with Him.

Isaiah 9: 6 says ‘For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.’

So perhaps for an inward and outward spiritual journey, one could address God using those four terms.  As many saints fast or prayer for 40 days; how about we take those titles and use each one for 10 days each as we prayer and commune with our very real Saviour.

I don’t want to prescribe too much what you ‘should’ say but rather share an example of what you ‘could’ say:

Wonderful Counsellor,

In a time of many ideas and religious ways, I pray you lead me in the way everlasting.  Counsel me in selfless decisions and acts.

Mighty God,

I lay on my back in the desert and look up and attempt counting the stars.  I keep losing count.  And then as if you were playing with me, you send a shooting star.  And I marvel at how with just one word you spoke ALL the stars into existence.  Oh Mighty God!

Everlasting Father,

Direct me, comfort me, protect me and teach me.  You are sovereign and yet I am allowed to call you, Father.  My heart can’t comprehend that.  But know that I am forever grateful.

Prince of Peace,

I sense there is unrest brewing in some parts of our nation.  I see that where people’s greed and selfishness step in, so does violence.  We long for a peace.  And there is profound peace in You.

Oh prince of Peace, reign over our frail hearts and lives and make us strong.


Those words penned many years ago, resonated with me on that Christmas morning.
I am still convinced of the reality and relevance of Jesus even today, now in 2014.

My prayer with that these 12 days of Christmas, won’t just stop.
But the message and love and grace of the Christmas story will continue to live in your lives.

The question is, will you let it?




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