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It’s been a good year…

As I sit on this bus finishing off Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, (fitting for the season)…
I gaze out the window observing the changing scenery.

We live in a stunning country.

I look back on 2014. It’s been a good and eventful year:

Have fallen in love with the most beautiful girl, the Queen of Secunda.
(Going home now after and incredible 6 days together. From making breakfast together, going for walks, watching a dvd.  Typical gf/bf stuff.)
So glad God brought us together.

Had some incredible family times.  Hearing little Emily call me “Uncle Darrel” and her also saying Catherine’s name.

Teaching my bro to play Fifa.

Getting to preach and teach about God to those in my church in a creative and real way.

For brilliant books read.

For searching and finding geocaches.

Thankful for the honourable opportunity of marrying three couples.

And for things I have not mentioned here…

God,  I am thankful. It’s been a good year!

Here’s to another good year.  2015:



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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