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(CHP 5) – Day 5 – This gold ring weighs heavy!

Day 5 – This gold ring weighs heavy!

As she sank from reality and entered the world were dreams are; she had an interesting encounter right there under that pear tree.  This is what she dreamt:

She was wearing a white dress and was carrying a bow and arrow.  She saw that she was on an archery field.  She could see the target ahead of her.  It was quite far, so she couldn’t see the exact detail.  But she could see that something was scribbled on the target.
And the target itself didn’t seem like the usual round ones.  It had a different shape…

She was holding the bow and aiming at the target.  She heard God whispering in her ear:  “I love you.  With you I am well pleased.” Tears were gently running down her face (in her dreams and under that pear tree.)  As she held the arrow and aimed… she noted her wedding ring.  On it were these words inscribed: Everlasting Father.

She then shot the arrow… and it’s as if her eyes…drifted forward with the arrow.  Because just then she could focus her gaze on what exactly the target was.  It was in the shape of a star.  And the caption on the target was: Follow the star!

A gentle breeze woke her.  Beth felt refreshed.  She looked at her wedding ring.  She felt a peace.  She knew what she had to do…

day 5



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