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4 reasons why I like house-sitting


So as of yesterday I will be house sitting for the next 3 weeks, three different places. I finish on the 10 January. I love house sitting gigs. Why?

1) It brings about change in my life

Being nomadic, I thrive on change. So I enjoy being in different settings.

2) It carries a holiday fever

When I house sit, I feel relaxed. That the holiday feeling is in the air (probably has something to do with most house sitting stints being in the holidays anyway).

3) It’s my internal “travel” opportunities.

I may (at this time) not being travelling to exotic destinations or anything. But going from one place to another, makes me feel like a backpacker, a sojourner.

4) I become a pet owner

I get to care for and love various pets. Dogs / cats / whatever else these homes include.
And how can one not enjoy the affections of pets?

Right now, as a type, this little kitten, named CAT is trying to attack my fingers as I type on the keyboard. She has already run across my laptop a few times.

Or when I am sitting on the couch, it’s adorable having one of these adorable pets come and sit with me.

PS. Did you seriously get through this whole blog on a very random topic? well done you 🙂



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