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(CHP 3) – Day 3 – Which did come first – the hen or the egg?

Day 3 – Which did come first – the hen or the egg?
(Josiah 6 AD)

“There has been so much tension in this city since Jesus left.” Josiah said to his brother.
You could hear the hostility in his voice.

“Joe, I know what you mean.”

His brother continued: “Every home that I go in and do some installations; the homeowners ask my opinion about Jesus.”

“So, what do you say?” He always looked up to Josiah. He was a critical thinker. He seemed resentful about that rabbi, Jesus. But at the same time, he seem beautifully disturbed and challenged by his message and his brief life.

“Well, I’ve always struggled with religious practices. Those leaders at the synagogue; they really irritate me. They always speak about GOD as if He is a product. Like they’re trying to get me into ‘some club.’ That irks me so much.”

He nodded as Josiah paused. It looked like he was formulating his thoughts.

“Well, this Jesus guy. There is something about him. He seems angry at the same things that I’m angry at. But I’m also annoyed! Because everyone is talking about him. They’re making a ‘fashion’ or ‘trend’ about him. And that puts me off!”

“But fashions and trends change, don’t they?” winking at his brother.

day 3



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