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(CHP 2) – Day 2 – He heard those turtle doves cooing

Day 2 – He heard those turtle doves cooing.
(Wise man 0 AD)

To govern a city is difficult. To give counsel to common folk is a tiresome job. But that’s what he did.
It was his job to handle the daily affairs of the people in his state. He was not alone. He was part of a council. But whenever there is a group of people, there will always be a hundred different ideas fighting for approval.

He was gifted with wisdom. He had excelled through his schooling years. He learnt thoroughly and readily from the various rabbis. So his position of prestige and responsibility was well deserving. He was a good man. He didn’t exploit his power.

He was a devout man. He believed in God Almighty. He unarguably saw God in the lives of those rabbis that he had spent many months with. And so he often thanked God for his career and calling which were inseparable. To lead and care for the people of his town with integrity and great concern.

That fifth day of the week, as he headed out the office, he saw the merchant who was selling temple offerings. I’m so thankful, that’s not my job. He heard the cooing of two doves that huddled in a small cage. Irony! A bird that symbolizes freedom and peace, is caged…

day 2



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