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(CHP 1) Day 1 – She sank under a pear tree

Day 1 – She sank under a pear tree:
(28 BC)

The sun seemed to beat on her a lot harder today. Her heart weighed heavy within. Beth was tired and longing to be noticed. Is this all my life is going to amount to?

That questioned had haunted her for a couple of weeks now.
Earlier that day, her husband, oblivious to her internal struggle kissed her goodbye. He was off to work. As the door closed behind him, did he know that simple action carried a deeper symbolism for her?

As he commuted to the stonemason, she had placed the basket on the kitchen table. Filled it with some oranges and some bread. She packed a blanket too. She acquitted herself by admitting that she was not leaving him. But she knew her husband would not understand the yearning in her.

It was the second watch after midday. The pear tree that she spotted in the distance waved three invitations: shade, rest and food. With the last few cubits to go, the blisters under who feet demanded more attention. With those final steps, she winced in pain and eventually collapsed into the arms of the shade.

She sank into a deep sleep…

day 1



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