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Finding-an-Oasis-of-Stillness-in-a-Fast-Moving-World (Medium)

In the Christmas narrative there are two scriptures that speak of Mary pondering:

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. (Luke 2: 19)
But his mother treasured all these things in her heart. (Luke 2: 51)

I resonate a lot with her and her actions. A lot was going on in and around her life and she took time to ponder. To reflect on what was happening. We need to do that more often.
I find every year around Christmas time people get carried away with the festivities and organisation that they miss the meaning. The don’t ponder deeper truths.

I even find it remarkable with teenagers; (something I do find hard to instill in their lives as a youth pastor) that with all this time in the holidays, they actually have a the chance to have quiet moments with God.
Because during their year: friendships, sport, school work, exams and just plain busyness often gets in their way for them to connect with God. I encourage a few to spend time with God in the holidays. But a lot of them (and adults too) won’t do that. And instead I will sadly hear phrases like “I’m bored!” (One of my worst two words to hear!)

Will you find space to pause and just ponder deeper truths. The Christmas message. Your life right now.

A Fellowship Group:

Tonight we’re ending youth officially for the holidays with a Christmas Youth Dinner.
I am totally moved by the humble service of a fellowship group (cell group / bible study). About 12 adults who are supporting the youth work by preparing the meal for the teens.
The youth probably don’t know them. And likewise these adults don’t know all the youth.
But I am just sincerely grateful for their kind deeds.

Serving others…

Feeding your soul:

I’ve been reading Blue Like Jazz recently and have been so encouraged and inspired. Also for December, each day I am doing a reading from A Year with Aslan: some reflections from the Narnia series.

I feel so alive when I get to feed my soul. To grow in my faith.

What actions are you taking to feed your own soul?

Today, a year ago, Nelson Mandela died. I was glad to hear on the radio about some services being held in his memory.
I just felt like in my own context: friendships, church community and family that it’s been rather quiet. No mention of it…

So, I was trying to put my thoughts in a nutshell. I guess what I am also saying is that I long for DMC’s
(deep meaningful conversations)

I guess, I will need to start some…



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