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Confession Booth (Blue like Jazz)

I’m busy reading American author, Don Miller’s book Blue Like Jazz.

I’m so inspired and encouraged by the authenticity of the book.
So raw and thought provoking.

In one of the chapters Don speaks of a time in college when his friends and him put up a confession booth.

But the confession was not for the “sinner” students (something that they probably labelled themselves) but rather for Don and his friends to confess on behalf of Christianity.

How they’ve been a bad example for Jesus.

I loved their approach.
People (non-believers) who sat in the booth were moved by their honest confession.

They confessed that they hadn’t done what Jesus asked:

To feed the poor
Heal the sick
Care for the broken
Not judge others

They confessed about the crusades.
You see the “religion” of Christianity got in the way of Jesus.

I really am moved by this approach and honesty.

Definitely go and read the book…



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