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Bridge of clay (the search and the sadness)

1) The Search

So today. I’ve been tracking down a book for my girlfriend called Bridge of Clay.
It’s by The Book Thief author: Markus Zusak.

I phoned the main stream stores.  None of them could locate it. I think it was printed back in 2004/2005.

I then was told about a local bookstore..
“Word of mouth” is power advertising.

Here in Hillcrest we have a bookshop called Msasa Books.
I never knew it existed until this afternoon.

Wow! This is a reader’s heaven.
As I walked in the store…I could smell the aged books.
I felt the stories calling out to me.
The treasures waiting to be discovered.
Words on the shelves waving as I walked through the many rows of shelves…

Sadly the book didn’t have the book I was looking for…
The search continues.
But in that shop… I did found something.  A haven to hold…

I will most certainly visit that store again…

2) The Sadness
I like three or four series.
One of them being Criminal Minds.
I like how each episode starts and ends with a quote.
I started season 1 about 10 years ago.
And I must admit I feel attached to the characters of the BAU.
It’s like “going to work” with them in each episode

I like too how the emotions and personal lives of each team member is known and u feel part of it.

Now Spencer Reed is awesome.  He is a whizz kid!
The episode that I watched this afternoon was so intense and sad.
Season 8 episode 12.

I don’t want to give the story line away.
But I couldn’t believe how it ended…
I even had tears in my eyes after watching.

Weird how we get attached to fictional (yet seemingly lifelike characters) in a series…


Thanks for reading my ramblings…
Have a good wkd!



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