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When Music has a conscience… (Jeremy Loops at Durban Botanical Gardens)

Last night I was really moved by the Jeremy Loops set/show at the Durban Botanical Gardens.

Awhile back the Fulton School for the deaf made this video using a Jeremy Loops song:

Jeremy Loops was moved by this and asked the students to come and perform on stage. I noticed a friend of mine Gary uploaded some footage of it:

(The sound quality is quite bad)… but you get the gist of the moving moment in music.

He taught us a few hand signs to encourage and thank the deaf students.

In his instruction to us he said “After the song I hope none of you f#ckers will clap.”
Because that would be insulting to the deaf…
So we hand signaled our applause:

The whole moment was another glimpse of when humanity does something beautiful…



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