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Poem 31 – Swimming in the sea

Swimming in the sea
7 April 2014

They say a baptism is a starting over
Those Christian folks use that ceremony to capture a new path
So here, as the waves roll me over
I feel my soul getting cleansed again and again

There is something about the sea
The sun and sand meeting here to join in the fun
This is the “new me”
As my head emerges from under the water

I paddle out and meet with power
I duck and dive under and hear the serenity
I swim lower and lower
I scoop the ocean floor in my hand

I open my eyes, both physically and emotionally
There is just something about the ocean
My spirit cries (out)
I am alive, indeed I am.

poem 31

I was asked to put a picture up with a previous poem: POEM 9. So go there to see the pic:



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2 thoughts on “Poem 31 – Swimming in the sea

  1. Great post.

    Have you wondered what is it about the seas that makes one conscious of being alive? I suppose it is that constant movement, the restlessness and the ever-changing hues. These alongwith the sheer vastness and power make us look inside at our own power source and resolve….

    Would you agree?


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