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The Story about the possessed electric toothbrush

I have to share the funniest story ever. So about 2am in the morning I hear my electric tooth brush going on in the bathroom.

I go there.  Thinking wth! Switch it off.

Back to bed. Then it switches on again. Then I’m freaked out.

Thinking is there a ghost in this cottage.  Haha.

Then I take the electrical toothbrush and lay it next to my bedside.

It switches on again. I jump up. Thinking what the heck! Must be a battery fault. But how do I stop it… nothing to open up on the brush.

So I decide…

To throw the whole brush out my window once I’ve switched it off. Lying outside. On the grass. It switches on again.

I feel so embarrassed at this point. I’m hoping sharon and steve (the people I am staying with) are seriously deep sleepers.

So I actually get out of my bed. Unlock the main door to the cottage.

Go outside to fetch the stupid brush.

I decided to go to the car park and just toss it behind my car. It’s still going off… but now at 3am I seriously can’t go find a brick or something to smash this electrical tooth brush.

(Imagine someone coming out seeing a guy in his pjs smashing his toothbrush with a brick? I surely would have been sent to the loony bin…)

So I’m hoping the battery runs out on itself.

The most bizarre occurence in my life ever.
Back in bed… I swear I still hear it going off in the distance…

Is Jesus playing tricks on me? Haha!



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3 thoughts on “The Story about the possessed electric toothbrush

  1. lol!!!! SAME thing going on in our house!! definitely a malfunction… but I did the same thing.. can’t simply toss it in the kitchen garbage or it echos from under the sink, and I tried just throwing it out the door on the deck to toss into the outside garbage can because it buzzed on the deck, too! I ended up having to put on a robe, toddle out to the big garbage can and throw it in. Now I’m wide awake googling stories and vids about possessed toothbrushes, thinking how funny it will be if the garbage man hears it!!

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