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Poem 16 – The Football

The Football
27 March 2014

I get rather dizzy,
And you often show me aggression.
But that’s what I was made for it.
My surface, your passion; they make a good team.

I probably travel a lot of distance when I’m called to action.
Probably more than any player that arrives to the pitch.
You who complained about being treated like a doormat? Being walked all over…
How about being me? Kicked constantly…

At least my ego is not involved?!
The best sensation!
Is when you kick me so sweetly!
That in the next moment I feel the net’s comforting texture against my shell.

That’s what I was made for.
And when you and your mates celebrate.
I love seeing your passion lived out
Oh, for the love of the game…

poem 16

Thanks again to the brilliant photography from Amberafrica



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