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1 October 2014

What I really like about working at our church is our ability to think out of the box and in the box. We try on a regular basis to do some creative stuff with our evening service. Because why does a church service need to fit the same pattern week in and week out…

This past Sunday we explored the #Selfie.
Most people should know what that is by now. In fact; Oxford Dictionary said that #Selfie was the word of 2013. A big acclaim, I’m guessing. Sorry, Miley, “twerk” didn’t do that well! 😉

We had 4 stations across the church. At each station there were some prompting questions and statements to get one reflecting and responding.

Station 1 – Take a Selfie
Here, one simply had to take a selfie of themselves and then ponder what Jesus thinks about the whole selfie thing.

On the negative side, a selfie teaches one to be so consumed with themselves. Unhealthy!
On the flip side, a good spin on the selfie is that it reminds people: to pause and appreciate and capture the moment that they’re in.

Station 2 – Mirror, mirror on the wall…
Over here, we had to look at ourselves in the mirror. And we had to think about our younger selves and our present selves. What do we like about ourselves and what do we dislike? We had sit with that tension or peace and let our spirits respond to that.

IMG_2516 (Medium)

Station 3 – Thinking about another’s selfie
We had cut out pictures from newspapers and magazines of ordinary people from different cultures, backgrounds, age groups and race. We then had to choose a picture and think about that person’s life. What are their daily lives like? What do you think their struggles and joys are? We then had to write a prayer for them on a little card and light a candle for them. I think a lot of people enjoyed this one.

IMG_2512 (Medium) IMG_2514 (Medium) IMG_2515 (Medium)

Station 4 – Rewrite a verse
I liked this one. Scattered on a table were verses that described our identity in God. We then had to paraphrase those verses in our own words. Writing them down on coloured paper. Then the people who would come to the station afterwards would reflect on the actual scripture and the rewritten ones too.

IMG_2510 (Medium) IMG_2511 (Medium)

It’s hard to capture the whole evening into words. It’s difficult to explain the atmosphere and reflection in the church that night. So I simply invite you:

Next time we have a Concept Service, then do come along! Your soul will come alive, I am certain…



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