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Poem 10 – Innocent Hitchhikers

Innocent Hitchhikers
18 March 2014
(An ode to the maids and gardeners of Winston park, near Hillcrest)

Madam, why do you drive past not noticing my thumb up?
You and I are both familiar with this area
You live here.
I clean the houses here.

It hurts me when you just drive past
And I see that smile on your face
Content that your life is so grand
As you zip past in your spacious SUV

And I notice that you have 3 empty seats
And you can’t seem to spare one for me?
I am not asking for a lift home…
Just 3 km down the road, to where the public transport is.

How can you be so unkind?
Yes, I’m thankful for the job.
But, how do you justify not helping for a brief 2 min drive?
Have you “labeled me” again?

“Oh no I can’t give you a lift, what if you hijack me?”
Is that your thought, Madam?
“All of us black folk are the same?”
What a shame!

Do you not see how hard, I work in your home?
You never have to worry about coming home to a messy estate.
I work well.
You can trust, please don’t drive by.

poem 10

This picture is taken from Amberafrica

Go check out her photography!



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