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30 August 2014


You and I need a little chat, dear cyber world and community?  I have some questions for you.  And I hope I don’t leave this conversation answerless.


I’ve been wearing my heart of my sleeve for a while now before you and your friends.

But I wonder where these words go?  On who do they fall?

 And would God, use them, in even just a little way.


Tell me how this blogging thing works?

I’ve tried to find one thing… to write about…

Maybe then I would get more followers?


But my topics vary a fair bit.  It’s just the way my head spins from topic to topic.

 Yet without fail, after each post I get more followers.

 These rather ANNOYING lifeless companies (that have used WordPress) to spam me; and probably you too?


From book stores, to cosmetic companies, to some random bands I’ve never ever heard of.

They’ve set up some automated “search” and wangle their way to my blog “pretending” they’re really interested in me…



I never follow them back… Because they don’t feel like real people. 


Hello, are you out there?

I read about this girl who posts her poetry and how she has 5000 followers!

How on earth?


What shall I do, that will woo you?  Get your attention…

Get you waiting, with baited breath for my next post?

I’m not amazing at photography.  I’m not a travel writer.  (Although I would love to do that.)


Maybe I should put over 20 tags per post.  Hmm, let me thinking what I could do for this blog?  Would these help:

Blogging, blog, online community, cyber space, questions, spam, liars, WordPress, words, writing, followers, topic, oddity, humour, God, useless tag, hmm?

 Did I get to twenty there? Okay, that was 17.


Are you still reading this?  Surely, I have wasted your time?


I have linked my blog to twitter and to WordPress… so I know my friends and “followers” are notified of when I post something.

 And I will keep writing.  With this hope.


That a perspective, I write about; gets even just one person thinking differently about life.

Or when I shed a little light on God… it would help someone.

Or when I share good music that the lyrics would sing over the life of at least one other person.


So I really do wonder who ever comes visiting here; my mere little blog on WordPress.

 If you’ve SHARED a post… thank you.

 If you keep coming back, you’re brave.  THANK YOU!


PS. I will keep writing. Because I have fallen in love with words and stories.  So I will keep telling…




I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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