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Misconceptions of God.

It’s always interesting sitting in on different memorial services held at our church.

You can tell which are the ones where the people don’t believe in God:

There’s a feeling of despair hanging over the place.

There are also some misconceptions spoken about God.

Today one little girl said;

“GOD needed another angel in heaven that’s why her gran was taken away by God.”

Seriously is that what God does?
He just takes away people..

I don’t believe that.
Isn’t birth,  age and dying part of the created process?
Why are people so surprised by death?

Another thing was read out:

“Gran you’re going to a place where the streets are golden.”

Oh my word, that’s sounds awful!
God, if heaven is golden streets… please can I stay here on this beautiful earth.
Lush meadows, majestic mountains,  soothing and powerful ocean. Breath-taking sunsets.
Now that’s heavenly!

Hmm, just some of my observations from another day working for the church..
Hopefully serving God well..



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4 thoughts on “Misconceptions of God.

  1. People find different ways to cope, explain or deal with pain… others need some sort of relief on their conscience that a loved one is in a “better place”. Even if this person was never a believer, the fact that they are gone is already painful, now imagine the fact that hell is real and this is where they went if they never repent and turned to Jesus, sadly they will fall for a misconception of God.

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