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ALCOHOL SALES ON SUNDAY (Giving a foothold)

3 August 2014

I noticed that over the past few weeks, stores are now selling alcohol on Sundays. The law against liquor sales on Sundays has been retracted.


That makes me rather sad. Is society handing over another foothold?

I really appreciated and respected stores for not selling alcohol on Sundays.
For those who suffer because of the abuse of alcohol, this day use to be a reprieve.
And in a way, banning liquor sales on Sunday felt like a retaining of humanity’s innocence.

But now, we’ve given a foothold:
To greed, the people desiring to make more money.
To the monsters (who abuse alcohol) can now continue hurting others on Sunday too.

Today, I mentioned my observation to the teller. And the lady behind me in the queue commented too on the grief of this new law.

Society can take one step forward and then two steps back.
What a pity!



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