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DAY 26 – 29 Writersbootcampza Challenge

The last three days have whizzed by in a flurry of activity accompanied with a dreadful cough and so I haven’t had the time to write daily on these various topics. So I am posting them all as ONE.
Wouldn’t want to block up or spam (haha) people’s news feeds.

Day 26 – Friends

Because I have served in many churches in different towns (and countries) I have been blessed (and that word, really does seem so fitting and not cheesy) for all the rad and interesting people I have met in my mere 34 years of living.

I wouldn’t dare list names of my friends. (There may be some cyber stalkers out there!) Ha. But also, wouldn’t want to leave anyone out.

I have all sorts of friends. From Christian circles, from outside of the church (so refreshing, that lot!), drinking friends, football friends, shallow (surface level) friends and in depth friends. (The ones you have DMC’s with.)

I have had friends for just a season. And I have some long-lasting friends that have matured such as a good bottle of Merlot.
If you are familiar with Gary Chapman’s 5 love languages. Then my top one is probably: QUALITY TIME.

And that is very important and essential for me. To have a good and meaningful time with my friends.

Currently, I am sad to say, a lot of my good friends, don’t stay near to me. A lot of them are in another town, another province and even other countries.

I sometimes wish I could create a teleport machine or bend the planet so that all my friends are a lot nearer.

Day 27 – Bucket List

I don’t think I have really written down one, but I have a few “must do’s” floating around in my head.
Such as
– See at least 5 more countries
– See the northern lights before I turn 40. (I failed the last attempt. Was cloudy and rain for the 3 nights that I was in Iceland
– To go to Spain. Sip on wine while listening to Counting Crow’s “Holiday in Spain.”
– To go to Paris with the girl I love. (I think I have found her now. The QoS)
– To visit Machu Pichu (in Peru)
– I want to go snowboarding again.

I am probably missing a few. Can’t think of them offhand.


Day 28 – Politics and Drama

I suck when it comes to politics. I am ignorant to all the crap (and perhaps) some good things that go on in our parliament.
I do know in South Africa, our government mingles with a lot of corruption. Which is rather sad and makes many angry.
I simply wish, we had leaders who were passionate about making this country better.

Alleviating poverty and crime. Those who care for the environment.

If I had a magical power (of some sorts) to get into parliament and “call the shots”
I would give EVERY government official a smaller but fair salary. I would insist of them driving a simple car and living in a mediocre house.

Because if you are in the government you are there to SERVE and not to exploit.
But imagine, all the drama that would cause…

Day 29 – X- Ray

It came screaming from within. I had to get it checked. How could I go on? It stifled me. Then worry visited quickly. I needed to clear my head. Sipped the coffee and contemplated. Have I done enough with the years I’ve been given? Could I’ve laughed more? Given to others. Listened to their stories. Have I read good books? Lived adventures. He called and gave me that appointed time. “Thanks Doc!” D- Day. Nerves hanging. Anesthetic numbs. Eyes heavy. Darkness. X-RAY. Awake. Diagnosed. I dialed. “Hello?” “Please may I have a ticket; I want to see the Northern Lights.” (Word Count: 100)

(I once entered this short story writing compo that could only have 100 words. That’s what I did with today’s post.)



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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