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Day 24 – What’s on my desk?

So what do I do for a living currently? I am a youth pastor.
It’s always difficult to sum up such a diverse ministry. All churches approach youth work differently. There are very different personalities of youth pastors whose passions focus in various directions.

There is a God. Of this I am certain.
And I am comfortable in living with that conviction.

So as a youth pastor, I feel like it is my role to “awaken the awareness” of God in people’s lives. From my youth, their parents and the rest of my church.
I love drawing people together (community) and I also enjoy expressing faith in God in creative ways.

So here is my desk:


It could be seen as messy. Perhaps? But I’d like to see it as creative busyness. So here is a little bit about what you see on my desk (in no particular order) and what it captures or means:

Sweets in the jar – that was for our world cup 2014 lucky draw. If the team that you “drew out of the hat” scored goals, won or drew a game, you’d get points. Germany won in points followed by Holland. Ironically, a German exchange student who was in Hillcrest for a while (and part of our youth) had drawn Germany. She went back home in the beginning of July. Looks like I will be posting her some sweets…

Dashboard Jesus – a recent present given to me. Still debating on whether I should place him on my dash? My hesitation is that it may seem like a dashboard Jesus that you would find in a teen cult movie like The Hangover 3? (Haha!)

Plenty of notes – I really do try. I really try stick to a diary. But then I end up placing notes all over to remind myself of things I need to do.

Bible – Reminds me of who I work for. And a lot of work does (and should more often) come from there.

Photo frame – a picture memory of the night at the Dave Matthews Band gig. With all my favourite people. 

Laptop – well that’s the hub of all that I do. My writing. (I see that as an outreach.) My lesson plans. My sermon preps. My email correspondence. All part of a greater mission and purpose.

There are a few other random items on and around my desk. Feel free to ask about…



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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