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Day 22 – “Letter to my child / childhood self”

Dear (young) Darrel,

I am writing from the future. (Yes, such a concept is not possible) – However I ask that you will use your imagination.
Come to think of it. That will be one of your many gifts.
You are a creative individual. Never stop using that creative flare!

So I think if anyone got a glimpse of who they would be in the future; it wouldn’t be useful to their present.
Because in knowing how we turn out stifles us from living each day to the max.
Loving the small and big things of life.
Appreciating each day.

I will tell you this, however:
You turn out okay, in fact: far more than just: okay!

Some advice, perhaps:

In school, you will be quiet. (Not sure why?) But try not be.
Speak out more. Try school plays. Try play rugby from an earlier age. Actually try a whole lot of things.
But trust me, when you’re my age… you’re going to have a big passion and love for football (soccer).
It’s a pity schools won’t offer that when you get there.
(Our country that we find ourselves in will still need to evolve into offering more subjects and sports variety in schools.)

I really don’t want to tell you too much.
Just enjoy the ride.
Your parents will love you well. And do their best for you.
You will have a brother.
He is really so cool. He will be your best friend throughout your life.
He’s a talented ginger, that one.
You will be proud of him.

_Scan10121 (Medium)

Anyway here, I go being a chatterbox about your future. Funny thing is, in school, you will be quiet.
Perhaps, it’s because you won’t feel comfortable with the “mold” that try and put you in.

You see society, starting at school likes to put you in one of a very few categories of people.
You won’t fit any of those categories. So hang in there.
You will beam. You will shine.
You make take some time, but you’re so worth it.

I don’t want to tell you too much (haha, I keep saying that)
But by the time, you reach my age. 34 years young; you will have:

Lived in 3 countries
9 cities / towns
Travelled to 10 countries. (I won’t tell you which ones)
You will have met a whole bunch of kiff people.
You will discover something call Facebook and just smile at all the “Facebook friends” you have.
Most of them you know and carry a little (or perhaps a big) memory with them. Embrace that!
You will meet a beautiful girl (from some little town meaning “second”), you and her will fall in love and experience what that means.

You’re gonna go far kid,
You’re gonna follow an unconventional way.
I’m so proud of you.

Love you the world,

34 year young, Darrel

PS. Drink beer. It’s cool.
PSS. God is going to blow your mind (in a good way) and fill your heart massively.



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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