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Day 21 “Utter randomness” – Seeing the Secretary (bird)

No, this is not about some dodgy office antics. 😉

This is about the actual bird:


The Secretary Bird is a rare sighting indeed.

On Saturday, after some brunch and some geocaching with friends, Catherine and I sat in the back of the car and watched as the surrounding grasslands raced by.

It was then, that I tapped her on the shoulder enthusiastically and pointed out the bird in the distance.
I wished we had stopped.
I should have said something.
Perhaps even taken a photo.

But I was stunned.
This was a rare sighting. I was super thrilled to have seen it.

I told Catherine, “You need to understand that one doesn’t often get to see that bird. It’s scarce.”

The last time I had seen a secretary bird was probably in the Drakensburg around 10 – 15 years ago.



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