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Day 16 “The world is wrong about…”

They always move so fast.
Music blaring, or parents yelling
As they drive past.
Would they listen, I got some views worth telling?

I’m perched up here looking for some food.
I wish you could see life from this angle.

My friends, why are your eyes always so locked to your phones.
I want you to lift your heads. Feel that breeze comb your hair.
Feel the warm sunshine brush against your cheek.
See the wispy clouds dancing in the blue sky.

I’ve noticed a few times too, how you would just drop a piece of rubbish on the ground.
Look up, 100 metres ahead, there is a rubbish bin.
Care for this world.
It’s stunning!
I wish I could lift you on my shoulders and show you what I mean.

I often see you trying to climb “ladders” that apparently lead to success.
Rather, grab a ladder and join me.
I overhear your conversations.
Trying to outdo one another. Be better and better.
You never seem happy.

You also spend hours on how you appear.
You depends on outer garments and gel in your hair to make you fit it.
It seems so primitive and backwards.
And tiresome.

Some days there are amazing currents.
I leave this perch and I go and dance with the wind
My feathers bask in the sunlight as I spread my wings.
Our Creator once had someone pen these wise words:

“And you will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and grow weary”

The world is wrong… about themselves.
The things that they find important.
They chase after their tails like a foolish dog.

However, a few times I catch a glimpse of hope.
The other day, while I was perched up here.
I saw them.

They stood hand in hand, looking out over the beautiful valley.
The day was drawing to an end.
The colours of dusk filled the sky.
He whispered something so adorable to her.
(The actual words don’t matter)

There was no climbing any ladders, stepping on others toes.
It was just two people.
Enjoying a moment.
And in love.

Perhaps, the world is wrong… (at times…)

But in moments like this, they seem to get it:

Love and beauty,
is what we were born for…


(diary of Yellow Billed Kite)



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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