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Day #11 – “1 food. 1 drink. For the rest of my life.”

I will start with the drink.  No doubt it would be fresh orange juice with those bits.

I always joke with myself hoping that heaven would have an orange juice dispenser that I could just open the tap, and place my mouth under it; and drink in the goodness.

But it has to have the bits…


The food.  Hmm.

I’m more of a “eat to live” guy than a “live to eat” one.

So… I guess, I would like a dish of chicken curry with some lentils.

(We’re not worrying about healthy eating right? haha)

My mom is from Mauritius.  When she grew up there she acquired a set of skills (sounds like the line from the movie: Taken) where she can really cook some delicious dishes.  So I am sure she would conjure up a dish involving lentils and curry.


So there you have it, my 1 food and 1 drink.

But let’s hope life would never get to that…



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