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Day 8 Challenge: A love letter to my pet hate

(Disclaimer. Definition. Litter bug: someone who litters)

Dear Litter Bugs,

I don’t want to write too much.
Because the time you’d take to read this, I’d prefer that you’d use it to WALK TO A BIN!

Have you not noticed how beautiful the world is?
We’ve been blessed to live on a stunning planet.
Now, why the heck do you have to litter?

It’s so ugly!
It’s so disrespectful!
It’s so lazy!
And it’s just so tacky!

I cannot stand litter bugs.
I wish our country also gave fines for those who littered.
Can we add more recycling and NOT LITTERING to our educational system please?

So dear little bug, please throw away your rubbish in bins.
If none are provided, keep your junk in a bag or your pocket till you get home.

The world doesn’t need trash.
The world doesn’t need trashy people either.

Make a difference, don’t litter!

I was told that this needs to be a letter of love?  And yes it is… a one of tough love.  But love nonetheless…

Yours respectfully,



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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