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Day 5 challenge:

So for today’s writing task we had to find a job ad in a local newspaper and write about how my life would be.  Here is a job advert I found online:

Web Designer

Gauteng | Permanent | R15 000 – R20 000 Per Month Sector: Advertising, Design Services, Marketing, Internet Posted on 03-07-14 by Initiate International


What a great idea! The world needs more web designers. Hmm, what would my life like if this is what I did for a living…

You see I once read a book about a spider that was really creative. Her name was Charlotte. She would use her brilliant web designs to tell people stuff. What a grand idea!

Now I would get myself some excellent fishing line and silk.
I would go to my nearby city. Observe which intersections were the most busy.

Surely, there I would have a captive audience.
You see people need more encouraging messages. The world seems too harsh to one another.

Once I’ve selected two intersections I would get my web design on. But only at 2am in the morning.  Because I wouldn’t want to get in anyone’s way.
Because having a car ride over your toes is no fun…

So I would use fishing line and the silk to create a web between the two standing traffic lights.

(I don’t call them robots because that scares my overseas friends.)

I would design a web… with these encouraging sayings on them:

1) have a good day
2) be kind to one another

I bet that would make a lot of people happy? 🙂

Then someone else who would also call themselves a web designer… would create a platform for people to take pictures of my “web” and tweet or instagram them.

And that would be displayed on something called “the worldwide web” huh?

That’s a funny name!

So if I were a web designer for a day… that’s what I would do 😉



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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